Strategies For Change

"When I first thought of coaching, my initial reaction was…I don’t need coaching!  I was pleasantly surprised that I actually did need some coaching and that Michelle was the perfect person to help me.  Michelle’s approach of gently guiding me with probing, thoughtful questions helped me realize that I had most of the answers to succeed within me.  I just needed to find a way to get them out.  The simple exercises were eye-opening and made me realize what I needed to change going forward.  The coaching really worked, three months later I was promoted! Michelle Somerday is an awesome, inspiring coach who would be an asset to anyone looking for future success."
-- Margo Martin, Vice President, Deltek

"Michelle offered thoughtful, effective techniques for improving my office interactions and the quality of my work.  She gently but skillfully kept our conversations on track and recognized what approaches would fit with my situation and personality."
-- Bill Wright, Vice President, National Non-Profit

"Working in an industry that is unstable due to changes in technology and corporate acquisitions and mergers, an executive coach provided an environment to manage expectations and develop accommodations that established a level of comfort.  Michelle's coaching encouraged me to identify and develop my strengths which then created opportunities to further my career goals."
-- Maurice Lethbridge, Software Sales Executive

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